About Gina
Glover trained in Fine Art at Chelsea School of Art and in Photography at the University of Westminster. She co-founded Photo Co-Op in 1979 in Wandsworth, which in 1991 became Photofusion Photography Centre, based in Brixton.

Glover is recipient of the Royal Photographic Society’s Hood Medal, the Medical Research Council’s Visions of Science Award (twice) and funding from Arts Council England (on three occasions.) She has been interviewed for the British Library SOUNDS archive and in 2016 received Wellcome Foundation funding for her project Life In Glass, using the scientific IVF photography of the Nobel Prize winning biologist Sir Robert Edwards.

In 2019 Glover is working on several projects, including a collaboration with the poet and environmentalist Kay Syrad, with the working title, Through a Glass Lightly. She is involved in a Zine publication commissioned by the Inside the Outside group with the photographer Ameena Rojee. Her project with her partner Geof Rayner on the effects of Hydraulic Fracking continues, including the production of chemigrams, under the working title Hydrocarbon Landscapes, and the investigation of abandoned oil and gas drilling sites in the UK and USA.

In 2018, Glover exhibited her work Reproductivities, Mirroring A.R.T and Reflecting Life at Murray Edwards College Cambridge. This project was enabled through a Wellcome Foundation grant, part of the Life in Glass project managed by Professor Sarah Franklin of Christ College, Cambridge. Her Metabolic Landscape exhibition, with Jessica Rayner, was exhibited at the Alison Richards Building, also at Cambridge University. The Metabolic Landscape was previously shown as part of the Fotofest Biennial, Changing Circumstances, in Houston, Texas and at venues in the UK

Glover has a number of exhibitions which are available at suitable venues. Her Playgrounds of War exhibition was first shown at the 2009 Photo Biennale at the Guangdong Museum of Art, China, and then at the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Brussels in 2012, and since then at galleries around the UK. Her lensless landscape project, Liminal World, was exhibited at Hooper’s Gallery, London, in 2010, and Le Cinq Gallery in Rabastens, France, in 2013.

Glover’s biomedically-based work is currently on show in more than 20 hospitals, clinics and private collections across the world, including the Gregor Mendel Institute, Austria.