Metabolic Landscape is a travelling exhibition and book, co-authored with Gina's partner Dr Geof Rayner, and daughter Jessica Rayner, published by Black Dog publishing.

Metabolism refers to the physiochemical process that underpins all life. Just as a metabolic disease refers to an energy-sourced disorder of the body, so too the planet is revealing signs of metabolic distress. The cause of this is the massive change in energy use by society.

What is called the Energy Transition - the shift from a low to high-energy use society – has been seen as enormously beneficial (food production, transport, heating, etc.) but our increasing use of energy, particularly fossil energy, is now identified as a cause of climate change and harm to our ecosystem.

The photographs in the galleries below attempt to engage with the dynamics of the world about us by addressing energy in the landscape, energy extraction, energy transmission and energy ‘substances’ – coal, oil, minerals, gas, and the Sun, the source of most of our energy.